Free webinar: Finding the Sweet Spot for your Data Center Strategy

Laura Cunningham, a Data Center Consultant at HPE, tied for the title of number one top rated speaker at Data Center World Global earlier this year. As an event attendee or AFCOM member, you get access to exclusive content such as recordings of Data Center World educational sessions or monthly live AFCOM webinars. But, for this one-time … Continued

Apply These 4 Tips to Improve Your Session Titles

Thinking about submitting a session proposal for Data Center World? The session title is the first (and perhaps only) impression you will make. Because conference organizers depend on well-written session titles to attract attendees, your session title could make or break your proposal’s acceptance. Potential attendees browsing an agenda of conference sessions do the same … Continued

Meet the Speakers of Data Center World Local Chicago: Carrie Goetz

Over the last three years, Carrie Goetz, Global Director of Technology at Paige DataCom Solutions, has seen the industry move from mainframe to Windows/Unix to virtualization. In her 30 year career in IT, she’s also experienced the flip-flop in trends from centralized to decentralized, back to centralized, and then to decentralized again. Coming in the … Continued

3 Reasons Why Case Studies Make the Best Conference Sessions

Case studies have long been used in undergrad and graduate school programs, but they can be used in any learning environment to explore how technologies or methodologies apply to real world situations. I’ve analyzed Data Center World session ratings over the years, and the top attended and best rated sessions have one thing in common: … Continued

Debunking the 4 Myths of Speaking at Events

Have you ever been to an industry conference (or even an internal training or presentation) and thought to yourself, “I could have done that.” Maybe you’ve thought about submitting a proposal to speak at an industry event, but something keeps holding you back. Here are the four most common reasons people don’t submit speaking proposals … Continued

The 4 Habits of Self-Aware Colocation Providers

With colocation providers sometimes targeting the same clients as managed service providers —and vice-versa, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for colo providers to stay on task, identify the right clients and partners, and maintain their pricing power. As the line continues to blur between colocation, enterprise hosting, private cloud, and managed services, this confusion only continues … Continued

Are Data Center Executive Teams Focused on the Right Metrics?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize the data center market is changing. Any seasoned colocation provider can tell you the lines between colocation, enterprise hosting, private cloud, and managed services are steadily merging. As a result, colo providers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay on task, identify the right clients and partners, and … Continued

The Challenges Facing Enterprise Data Center Leaders Today – trusted advisors are more important than ever (part 3)

Parting Advice for Partners who want to serve the Enterprise Data Center Cloud Opportunities In part 1, we explored the specific challenges facing the data center leaders and the incredible need for trusted advisors. In part 2, we discussed the specific asks Data Center leaders must have of their trusted advisors. Now let’s talk about … Continued