The 4 Habits of Self-Aware Colocation Providers

With colocation providers sometimes targeting the same clients as managed service providers —and vice-versa, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for colo providers to stay on task, identify the right clients and partners, and maintain their pricing power. As the line continues to blur between colocation, enterprise hosting, private cloud, and managed services, this confusion only continues … Continued

Are Data Center Executive Teams Focused on the Right Metrics?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize the data center market is changing. Any seasoned colocation provider can tell you the lines between colocation, enterprise hosting, private cloud, and managed services are steadily merging. As a result, colo providers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay on task, identify the right clients and partners, and … Continued

Are Silos Within Your Data Center Interfering with Growth?

The way in which IT influencers and decision makers research and make purchase decisions has changed drastically over the past five years. People are just doing so much research on search engines and social media that by the time they’re ready to reach out to a data center company on their short-list, as much as … Continued

Are Data Center Leadership Teams Differentiating Enough?

The pace of change in the data center ecosystem is often mind-numbing. It seems every time you turn around, there’s either another planned data center larger than anything you could’ve imagined, or two data center providers are merging and combining forces to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So with the industry maturing and ongoing … Continued

10 Signs Your Data Center’s Leadership May Be Falling Behind

As recently as five years ago, when you wanted to reach enterprise IT buyers, you turned to some traditional channels including advertising in trade publications, outreach to specific journalists and industry analysts, renting mailing lists and sending direct mail, sponsored email blasts, banner ads, and cold calling campaigns. Now today, while many of those traditional … Continued

5 Trends Impacting Every Data Center Industry CEO

At HostingCon 2016, the sister conference to Data Center World, I was asked to introduce a management-focused series of roundtables by identifying some trends that impact hosting, cloud, data center, and managed service providers. While the two conferences have very different editorial focus and audiences, these trends impact just about every data center CEO that … Continued