20 Things You’ll Learn at Data Center World 2018

The Data Center World 2018 program is overflowing with the most innovative thinkers and accomplished presenters in the industry! Here’s a small preview of what you can expect to learn.

  1. How to select the best hybrid architecture approach for your business model.
  2. Must-know tips for choosing the right DCIM and getting the most out of it.
  3. A solid understanding of machine learning, AI, and how and why to best deploy it in your data center.
  4. Operational mistakes to avoid when shifting IT production into a colocation facility or the cloud.
  5. Optimal solutions for managing high density cabling.
  6. Strategies for increasing energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy while decreasing costs.
  7. How to plan for and mitigate risk to ensure business continuity.
  8. Why preventative maintenance programs are critical and how to implement a program in your data center.
  9. How IoT is shaping the data center industry and what you need to do about it.
  10. The best strategies for selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships.
  11. How to choose the best batteries based on a total cost of ownership evaluation.
  12. How to create a migration plan necessary for supporting edge deployments.
  13. How to securely manage your data center from anywhere.
  14. What you need to know to be in compliance with current and upcoming standards and regulations.
  15. Strategies for IT and Facilities to work better together to achieve common goals.
  16. The best approaches for capacity optimization planning.
  17. Strategies for recognizing, remediating, responding to, and preventing emerging cyber security threats.
  18. How to build a talent pool that reflects the marketplace and increases innovation and performance.
  19. How virtualization and cloud computing are reshaping the face of business and what that means for your data center.
  20. Practical advice for staying relevant in your career.

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Data Center World 2018