Apply These 4 Tips to Improve Your Session Titles

Thinking about submitting a session proposal for Data Center World? The session title is the first (and perhaps only) impression you will make. Because conference organizers depend on well-written session titles to attract attendees, your session title could make or break your proposal’s acceptance. Potential attendees browsing an agenda of conference sessions do the same thing you do every day when reading the news. They scan the headlines to determine their interest. If the title doesn’t educate, inspire, or entertain, the reader moves on.

Here are some tips for crafting killer conference session titles that grab attention and get accepted.

1. Controversy Gets Noticed

Utilizing a shock factor in your session title will almost always ensure the reader will want to know more. Hector Diaz, a member of the board of directors of AFCOM’s Data Center Institute recommends bold, opinionated, or controversial titles to catch the reader’s eye. For example:

There will be No New Construction of Privately Held Data Centers Under 15K sq. ft. After 2020

The Cloud is Actually Safer than Your Own Privately Operated Data Center

Who wouldn’t want to attend one of these sessions?

2. Add a Number

This tip is so simple, but so impactful. Take a look at these session titles. Which appeals to you more?

Just adding the number makes your session appear more thought-out, easier to consume, and memorable. Bonus tip: Add an interesting adjective.

3. Promise Benefits

“How to” is the most common way of starting a benefit statement. Conference attendees flock to these types of sessions because they expect to walk away with a new skill or idea they can immediately implement in their job. Here are a couple of “how to” hot topics that Tad Davies, a 30-year data center industry veteran and Data Center Institute board member recommended:

How to Financially Track and Manage Cloud Expenditures

How to Successfully Deploy a DCIM and Avoid Challenges along the Way

In case you missed it, my last blog provided advice for submitting case studies. Case studies are a perfect format for a “how to” session.

4. Be Authentic

There’s nothing conference organizers hate more to see on an evaluation than the session was a sales pitch or the presentation did not match the session description. Please do not over promise and under-deliver. Session titles such as “Cut Your Energy Costs by 50%!” will attract a large audience. But do you have the case study and data to back this up?

Data Center World Call for Proposals is Now Open

Need help coming up with a clever title for your Data Center World session proposal? Try a headline generator that writers and bloggers often use for inspiration. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I used the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator to create the title of this blog post!



Michele Reister

Michele Reister has a passion for developing educational and fun event programs that leave a lasting impression. After spending nearly two decades in IT marketing, content, and events, Michele knows what truly creates a remarkable, memorable, and shareable brand experience. As a Director of Content, she partners with marketing, operations, sales, and event management to bring brand experiences to life. Working for tech companies such as HP, Nokia, SAS, and Red Hat, she has experience creating compelling agendas and recruiting attendees to events of all sizes and types. Currently, Michele is the Director of Content for Informa where she curates event content and coaches speakers for 4-6 Data Center World and AFCOM events per year, as well as produces additional event-related content such as blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, social content, and more.

Michele has a BA in Management and Information Technology from Daniel Webster College, and an MBA from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is also a Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM).