Meet the Speakers of Data Center World Local Chicago: Carrie Goetz

Over the last three years, Carrie Goetz, Global Director of Technology at Paige DataCom Solutions, has seen the industry move from mainframe to Windows/Unix to virtualization. In her 30 year career in IT, she’s also experienced the flip-flop in trends from centralized to decentralized, back to centralized, and then to decentralized again. Coming in the next three years, Carrie expects significant changes as data centers work around latency, cloud, and the immediate need for data. And luckily for Carrie, one of her favorite things about her job is the constantly changing environment. She also loves meeting people all over the world and mentoring young women entering careers in STEM. At Data Center World Global 2017, Carrie spoke on a “Women in Data Centers” panel, providing valuable advice for those entering a career in data centers.

Coming up soon, at Data Center World Local Chicago (July 12, at the Art Institute of Chicago), Carrie is presenting “A Better Measure for Uptime: When IT and Facilities Meet.” In this session, attendees can expect to learn the various new challengers to the Tier level certifications and ways to put IT into the mix.  According to Carrie, “Too often, IT and facilities don’t talk and make assumptions about the other side.  This presentation is a means to bring the two together for a common set of tools for redundancy without unnecessary expenditures.”Carrie Goetz, Data Center World Speaker

To learn more, join us in Chicago (only a few seats remain!) and also check out Carrie’s recently published articles:

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If you are able to join us in Chicago, Carrie recommends experiencing the Navy Pier fireworks. But when it comes to her preference in pizza, don’t make her choose between deep dish or New York style. “That’s just cruel.”